• iBeacon


    iBeacon w/Adhesive Double sided Tape for mounting.  The iBeacon is a Comfast CF-B1 iBeacon, using the iBeacon advertisement format for connectable advertisements.  It is configurable using a Bluetooth connection. The iBeacon has an adjustable advertisement interval from 300ms to 10s, two modes (storage and operating mode), and an ability to be cloned when you need to replace the unit.  All iBeacons have a durable, tamper-resistant packaging, but the iBeacon is NOT waterproof; the battery has a long lifetime (1 yr), but it is not replaceable.  BluTrac uses the last digit of the MajorID and all of the MinorID on the iBeacon for registration of the beacon.  


    *works with:   (BT-1624) BluTrac TC PCB Board only.

                              (BT-1620) BluTrac TC

                              (BT-1621) BluTrac TC-A1

                              (BT-1623) BluTrac TC-A3

    Dimensions: 2.03" Diameter x 0.51" Height