• BTBeacon w/Motion


        The BTBeacon is a specially programmed EM Microelectronic EMBC02 Bluetooth Low-Energy proximity beacon.  The BTBeacon advertises data that is compatible with the BluTrac TC.  The BTBeacon is packaged in a small, weather-resistant enclosure, using a standard  replaceable CR-2032 coin-cell battery.  A push-button with LED feedback can be used to generate button press and long button press events.  The in-built accelerometer can allow BluTrac to detect motion events.  The BTBeacon operating modes include shipment mode and operating mode.  The EMBC02 beacon is FCC, IC, and CE certified, RoHS, Teach, and halogen free compliant.

    SKU: BT-1601


    • 1.18" Diameter x 0.39" Height