• BluTrac TC-A3 with 3 mode Annunciator w/ Surface Mount Box


    The BluTrac TC-A3 with 3 mode Annunciator  (chime only, steady light only, and flashing light with fast warble sound) performs autonomous monitoring of Bluetooth 4.1 beacon advertisement signals, monitoring of dry contact input events, control of switched outputs, and reporting of those events to a BluTrac server. Following is a list of the types of Bluetooth beacon based events detected by BluTrac TC-A3:
    • Detection of unregistered beacon
    • Registered beacon detected at any RF signal strength (Tracking Class Assignment)
    • Registered beacon detected in-proximity
    • Registered beacon out-of-proximity
    • Detection of beacon button press (BTBeacon only)
    • Detection of beacon long button press (BTBeacon only)
    • Detection of beacon motion event (BTBeacon w/Motion only)

    SKU: BT-1623


    2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, 2 Dry Contact inputs,

    No Open Collector outputs, 12VDC Powered.

    Integrated 3 mode Audible/Visual Annunciator w/adjustable volume, 

    12VDC powered (Power Supply Not included)


                               (BT-1507)  AC/DC Power Adapter w/Micro-fit plug


                               (BT-1505) Power harness w/flying leads (use your own power supply)

    *Works with:    (BT-1600) BTBeacon

                                (BT-1601) BTBeacon w/Motion

                                (BT-1602)  Comfast Ibeacon

    The dimensions of the BluTrac TC-A3 is 4.65" W x 4.58" T x 2.47" D

     Click here for Warble example

     Click here for Chime example